Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Pictures and Why I did this.

Ever wonder how the web site I keep referring to in these blogs got started?
Well I was looking for an alternative to a full time job working for someone else, so I started researching.  I looked at Ebay and sold stuff there for awhile until I ran out of stuff and didn't know where to get more stuff at a reasonable enough price to sell and make a profit.

Our mega tree, 20 ft. tall

I had several bricks and mortar locations making signs, a craft store (selling primarily my own stuff) and of course the bait shop.
Then I ran across this program for creating your own web site.  I looked at all the information and for the $299.00 a year it cost, I felt this could be it.  You can't start a brick and mortar store for $299.000 complete cost, it cost $1,500.00 to buy the equipment to make vinyl letters for the sign shop and the bait shop has a mortgage payment more than the yearly web payment.  I did more research into cheaper programs and even bought a couple with money back guarantee and in 30 days asked for my money back, luckily I got it back.

Long story short I plunked my money down on this program and have been very happy with the extensive amount of information, help and extremely useful direction supplied.  I knew in the beginning this was not a get rich quick but a slow and sure pace that would eventually net me extra money.
Looking west down the sidewalk

For those of you that don't know, Google changed the face of the internet (about 10 years ago or is it 7?)  When Google started offering their business tools to Web sites for free, the Web went wild.  Since Google changed the business model for the Internet, Yahoo and Bing(Microsoft whatever the name changes to) have had to reevaluate their way of doing business and although they have changed, Google still leads the pack....and makes the rules.

Now anyone can be posted on the search engines and has a fair chance of getting top billing (it used to cost minimum $200.00 at Yahoo and you were not guaranteed to be listed even at space 100,000 or greater),  you used to have to wait for a directory to recognize your existence(after you applied) and if some snotty person was the director of your niche...forget it you were not going to be added to the directory which was a measuring stick for all the other search engines.  Impossible odds...I tried a web site in the 1980's (before Google) and no way could you do anything unless you were a very knowledgeable web developer (which I am not.)
The religious section of the lights, drummer boy and Shepard to the left not shown

Now it may sound like you just sign up with Google, pay $10.00 for a web site and then buy analytical tools to measure visitors, buy programs to search your site for broken links, buy a good HTML program to make a descent site, learn how to upload your information(with little or no help from the server side) ...hey...Why pay $299.00.  If that was all there was to it...well enough said.

The bottom line is:  This company knows how the web works, gives you over $2,000.00 in analytic tools to help the webmasters(me) understand the visitors(making you money) and how to use keywords, apply for all the major search engines and has a forum to answer all your questions every step of the way.
After entering through candles below a look down the hallway

The GOOD THING?  You don't have to sell anything but information,  you don't have to have a hard product to push,  you don't have to have an account with UPS (unless you want to)....create a purely content site (basically a brain dump) of all the information that has sitting around in your head for years, keep working at it and before you are ready for SS(62 or ??? what ever Congress decides), well you are set with the same or more coming in every month(lots more), working any where in the world, at any time day or night and answering to no one but your own conscious.
Front entrance to Xmas Inside

Right now this program is have a two for one special...grab your favorite person, buy two and set yourself up for life.  Read the information for yourself, go out to my web, this is how I created it.
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